Info Literacy: Guide to Fact-Checking

Why do we need to fact-check articles or posts?

In the ever-evolving internet sphere, there has been a surge of misleading information that attempts to lead people away from the truth. While most of the time, this misleading info has little impact on people's lives. Many real-world consequences can result from accepting everything you read as fact. Within the past few years, it is becoming increasingly problematic with the emergence of deepfake technology, a way for a program to make anyone say and do anything potentially. Skilled individuals can deep fake anyone if enough data to feed into a program is available. Because of these concerns, we must learn how to spot fake and misleading information, whether it comes from social media, news outlets, or any type of written text meant for others to read.


Currently, the main topics that are apart of fact-checking are credibility, sources, opinions and bias, and clickbait.